5 Critical Factors For Any Website Rebuild

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Any marketing campaign begins with a good website for the product. It has got to give a good first impression. Therefore, websites need to be regularly inspected and maintained to keep it looking fresh, on track, and up-to-date with best practice.

A successful overhaul of the website is more than simply turning up the look and the feel. This needs to tie in with your current and future business targets, speaking directly to your target audience and meeting them. Websites That Work consult with you to identify your future goals, business direction and what you want to increase in redesigning a website. Let’s take a look at some of the best website redesign tips.

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Our Website Rebuild Steps

  • Website Analysis
  • Identify Ideal Customers
  • SEO Content
  • Website Built for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Review

Website Analysis

The first move in redesigning a website is to take a good, thorough look at your current website. There’ll certainly be one or two things you don’t like about it, but also maybe somethings you do like. With your current website, it’s vital that you list everything that works and doesn’t work for you, as it gives a good starting point for redesigning a website. We want to know your past problems so we can fix them and what you defiantly want in a new website.

Identify Ideal Customers

A redesign is a good time to analyze the target customers again. Occasionally, when the business goals grow, your consumers evolve as well. We discuss with you to identify exactly who your clients are in order to redesign a website that operates effectively and communicates to them. With consultations through you we help to identify your ideal client and use this to notify the site’s new feel, design, and user experience. To attract your ideal, relevant customer searching to contact you.

SEO Content

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If a website does not have enough content, google bots or search engines can not work out what your website is providing or servicing. A website redesign often includes doubling, or even tripling the website content to increase how the search engines rank your website. We perform extensive keyword research then implement keywords into our content writing. Our content writers provide great quality content, optimized to rank for relevant keywords.

We make sure it is current and aligns with the goals and target audience of your company. Our content includes SEO keywords, terms, and phrases customers are actually using, and what you need to achieve the right perspective. Incorporate all new keywords into your new content can attract a new audience that is searching to find your services.

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When Websites That Work rebuild a website, we combine both web design knowledge, to provide a graphically pleasing website with SEO knowledge, to ensure relevant customers can see the beautiful website.

We ensure all websites are designed with best SEO practices and customized to your market. With each web design we include SEO elements both on and off page to provide you with a website that works. You need to start thinking about SEO before the execution of your new design. We only perform positive SEO practices to help you bring more customers and have a website that continues to rank, not short term.

Website Review

It is frustrating having paid for a website that does not work.  Poor web designers can leave you with a website with broken links, typos, broken anchor text, incomplete links, etc. Websites That Work double check our work consistently. We also use programs to ensure our work is analyzed by computers as well to double check all links and back end is working as it should.

We also provide two reviews included in a standard website build. If there is something you are not happy with, do not like, or does not look as you thought in the end, review the website draft and we will change it. We do not charge extra for these changes and include these two reviews in a standard website build price. We understand that sometimes a design can look different on a website to what you envisioned in your head and allocate time to fix these before handover, so you can be 100% happy! We want to ensure that your clients and investors have a good experience on your platform.

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We understand it can be frustrating when an existing website is not up to standard and has faults. Websites That Work are as transparent as possible about the process and learn as much as we can from you to provide you with an excellent website. We follow these 5 steps in rebuilding a website to provide you with the best results.

Other times your website has worked for many years but is no longer maintained and needing an up keep. Websites That Work listen to what you did like about an old website and strive to replicate the positive features whilst updating the structure and ensuring it is an efficient website. Contact us to talk about your website. Either call 0406829365 or fill out the request a quote form below.

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