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How to know if your business is in need of a website re-design. A website reflects your business and is often how customers first find your business. Questions to ask yourself regarding your website.

  • Does your website reflect your business in a professional way?
  • Is it easy for your customers to find contact information to access your business?
  • Does your website look good on mobile devices?
  • Are you happy with the design of your website?
  • Does your website work? (ie do the links work, are all pages present, is it fast, does it load on all browsers?)

If you are unsure or answering no for any of these questions you are in need of a website re-design. Re-designing a website can be an intimidating process as you want to be certain that this time around the website result is what you wanted. We would love to talk to you regarding your website wants to know if we are the best fit for you and can provide you with a website outcome you are proud of. Contact us on 0406829365 to organise a free website consultation to discuss your business.

Website Needs A Redesign:

Every small business is in an invisible race against its competitors. Minute differences can offer major benefits. Everyone is trying to up their game by offering unique value propositions that no one offers. However, a lot of businesses often tend to ignore one small yet elemental factor: Website Design.

No one is going to purchase anything from your business or even interact with you if your website looks outdated, shady, or like it is from the 90s. Similarly, no one is going to interact, buy, call, drop in or email if they don’t know how. The website design in crucial for generating leads for your business.

Luckily, there are several telltale signs that can let you know when your website needs a boost, a redesign, and an overall revamping solution to entice more customers and enhance user engagement. Today, we bring you the top 6 telltale signs when your website needs a brand-new image and redesign for better online visibility.

website re-design for Mobile Devices

If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, then you are already behind in the marketing and audience engagement game. More than 67% of modern users tend to visit websites through their smartphones. Without a powerful mobile-friendly design, you are losing that big chunk of the potential audience.

A responsive website is a term coined for mobile-friendly websites. This ensures the website refers to the screen size used by the user and changes the material appropriately. Thus the information is easily available and clearly legible irrespective of the screen size.

Google made a big statement back in April 2015 and made it very clear that any domain that was not a sensitive website will be penalized. That means Google will bury your website in its rankings for search engines, and basically, no one will ever find it if it is not mobile friendly.

Websites That Work- design websites to work on all platforms. Prior to completion of your website we ensure every page is optimized for mobiles and tablets of different sizes. We want both customers to have a good user experience searching for you on their phone and google to recognize that your website works great on phones too.

If your current website is not set up for mobile phone use, you may require a website redesign and theme changes. We recognize you may be very happy with how your website looks on a laptop but does it look good on a phone as well? Contact us for a website redesign or call 0406829365 so we can discuss a redesign with you. We consult closely with all our clients so we can generate a website you are happy with and that generates leads off all platforms.

SEO Marketing

Without proper SEO, you can never get to the first page of search engine results. If your website doesn’t rate well on Google or other search engines and it’s hard for people to locate it, that’s a significant indication you need to update it or revamp it instantly. The website has the ability to be one of your arsenal’s best marketing resources, but if it’s not kept up to date, you’re losing a great resource.

Search engine algorithms are changing and evolving, and a dated website could break new rules and damage your SEO. Google often scans for websites that provide current information. One of the best ways of doing that is by having regular SEO content and SEO links. But if for months or even years, your website has been stagnant, it’s time for some fresh content.

Simple changes can be made during a website re-design to improve the search engine optimisation of a website. Simple tasks such as updating dates and business details can improve an older websites ranking. It is a good habit to review the website and perform updates. Internet and software advances so quickly and an updated website will likely perform better.

website re-design to Improve Website Functioning

No one likes to waste their time on something that they don’t understand. Navigation through your website is a critical element. It works to inform the visitors where they are, where they were, and to show them where they should go.

Disconnecting from a user’s experience at any point will lead to confusion, annoyance, and abandonment of the website. This often contributes to a decline in revenues and guests leaving, along with a rise in dissatisfied consumers and strong bounce rates.

With proper planning and the use of the basics of great navigation design, any visitor will be able to navigate your website easily and experience it great. We specialize in the skill of creating user-friendly and easy to understand navigational schematics for any website. Our web design techniques have been proven to drive more traffic towards contacting. The goal of our web designs is to direct customers to contact. The purpose to having a website is to generate leads, so it is essential a website shows the customers quickly and easily who and where you are. We discuss how we design responsive websites and structure our home page layout in the article “Home Page Layout Designs Gippsland”

Website Security

Web security is often ignored or placed on the last position when organizations think about redesigning and revamping their websites. This is a big mistake.

This is arguably one of the most important aspects to consider when contemplating the redesign of your website. Many websites hold valuable information about their customers and clients in the form of cookies during sessions. So, making sure that your website is as secure as possible is important in this respect.

Older websites may carry increased security risks because they are not updated to the latest coding standards and security patches. If there is any concern about your website’s security, you may want to get a redesign with modern SSL certificates and security techniques.

Improving Website Speed

The speed at which your website loads can affect your business enormously. Recent studies have shown that approximately 40% of online searchers are going to abandon a website that takes over three seconds to load.

Not only can slow speed and load time hinder user experience and visits of blogs, but longer load times will also have a negative impact on search engine rankings and search algorithms utilized by modern search engines.

So, when you have a slow website, it is time to update the website and improve the load time. You can do this by offering minimal information on the front page while loading big chunks of data in the background. This will give the impression of a faster speed for load time. If you want to test your new website’s speed, we strongly suggest using Pingdom’s Speed Test Tool or Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool.

Re-Designing a Website For Good User Experience

Stunning Website Designs Gippsland

User experience may just be the most important thing when it comes to an interactive user website. User experience (UX) is essential to construct a successful website. In theory, it sounds easy to attract consumers, but in fact, several websites mishandle the UX by a great margin.

You can easily ensure easy navigation, useful and entertaining material, and simple calls-to-action while retaining a beautifully clean design to deliver a great experience.

Having a poor UX design is an easy way to lose potential audiences, customers, and conversions. To date, one of the most innovative UX solutions is called customization. This is when the website offers focused, in-context interactions that fuel retention, acquisition, and satisfaction by presenting each customer with a unique experience when they connect with your website.

A website should reflect you business and encourage customers to contact. A website re-design should consider both of these elements by creating easy navigation and an engaging design. When we perform a website re-design, it is essential to us that our clients are proud of their website as it reflects their business. For us that involves spending time during the website consultation learning more about your business vision, goals and customers.

Professional Website Re-design in Gippsland

In today’s world, it is easy to get left behind due to poor website design. If you notice any of the items mentioned above on your website, you may want to redesign the whole thing and go accordingly to the modern solutions, strategies, and market demands.

Great UI, amazing UX, faster load times, interactive options, simplicity, and minimalism is the new go-to tools for modern developers. We specialize in creating and fine-tuning any website to suit modern users’ tastes and requirements.

 If you want to entice more customers to interact with your website and turn more visitors into sales, you need to keep your website updated according to the modern standards. Hiring a professional web design expert will not only help you with a design but will also implement the modern SEO strategies to make sure that your website is in the top search results for the relevant keywords.

The modern era requires modern solutions. Keep your website up-to-date with redesigning and revamping when necessary.

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