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A home page layout design should capture and engage customers as soon as they land on your website. Ideally the home page will be the first landing page for customers to access your website. Research into browsing behaviours show people scan websites quickly, opening multiple tabs at once, and do not search or scroll. It used to be estimated that people would look at a website for 5 seconds before deciding whether to stay or leave a website and search elsewhere. Now, it is believed people will only assess for 3 seconds before deciding to stay or leave on that website. Therefore, it is vital a website home page captures customers instantly. Here are some of our techniques for designing website home pages to capture and motivate customers to act.

Designing a Home Page Layout for Best UX (User Experience).

When designing a website, it should be clear for the user who you, how to contact you, what services you provide, and your location all without searching. Your website should appear professional and ease their stress, as your business can solve the problem they need fixing. A website should help customers to find you by providing any easy way to access your services.  A good website design should strive to ease the mind of the customer and present you as the solution to the answers.  

With all our website builds we analyse who the ideal customer is for the business so we can design a website to target them. It is important to think of what your ideal customer is searching for to find you and how your website can provide that. We all know the feeling of searching for answers or services on google to become frustrated about not finding what we want from websites. A website can be vague, appear unprofessional, difficult to find answers, or slow. Immediately customers will search for competitors because they have not had a good experience from that website.

How To Layout a Website?

All essential information should easily be found without needing to search or scroll. Great home page layout designs easily show in 3 seconds of landing:

Webpage Layout Ideas Warragul
A home page should show all essential information instantly without scrolling
  • Your business name
  • Where to find you or where you service
  • How to contact you
  • The services you provide
  • Why choose you

You do not want a customer to have to work to find essential information as this relies on them performing extra actions. The less actions it takes for a customer to be able to contact you increases the chance of a lead converting to a sale.

Marketing Website Design

A business website home page should have a marketing design to sell their services. Too many businesses do not consider why their regular customers choose them. It is important that a website displays the good qualities of a business and promotes them. A key to a great homepage is a design that reflects why your business is great. With our initial website consultation, we want to find out what makes your business unique and why customers should choose you. Your website should reflect this.

When a customer lands on your home page, you want to create a sense of trust in your service. Sometimes it requires help to boost and promote yourself. That is why as website designers we take more time finding out what makes your business great and unique, so this is reflected throughout your website. A great website will use a marketing design. This means that the website design should reflect why your business is great and encourage your customers to contact you.

How to make a website Traralgon

Increase Website Speed

When people are searching online, they want rapid answers. If a website is slow to load, they will not wait. We have become accustomed to quick response times and expect it when browsing. If a website is not working quickly users will leave. Google also seeks to provide users with the best possible experience. They want to provide good answers as a search engine, if a website is slow and they can detect people leaving the website, they will not rank the website highly. Therefore, a website needs to be fast to capture customers and rank well with google. How a website’s homepage is designed can affect the speed of a website.

How To Increase Website Speed?

  1. Select appropriate plugins
  2. Reduce image size uploaded
  3. Reduce automation and coding
  4. Perform analysis on website’s speed to detect and fix issues
  5. Ensure hosting server has enough bandwidth for website size

Select Appropriate Plugins

Plugins help the operation and performance of a website. Different plugins can interact and affect each other. It is important to have only appropriate plugins that do not clash and affect the website’s operation. Websites That Work regularly assess the plugins we use for a website build to ensure they aid the websites functionality. We regularly update our website plugins. We assess our plugins choices so that if better options become available, we can update and improve our websites.

Reduce Image Size Uploaded

When images are uploaded to a website, if they are a large pixel size, they will take longer for the website to upload. This will slow down the website’s performance and load time. Therefore it is important to modify all image sizes prior to uploading to a website to ensure the image is a big enough size for maximum quality, but small enough to load quickly.

Reduce Automation and Coding

When a website has extra coding and automation this will take longer to load. A website design should balance having an eloquent interactive design, with minimal possible coding and automation to improve a website’s speed.

Perform Analysis on Website’s Speed to Detect and Fix Issues

Programs can be used to analyse a websites speed and performances. This can help speed problems to be identified and fixed. Often programs will find issues where there is extra complicated coding that can be simplified or images that have not been uploaded correctly. Programs are useful for performing overall assessments of a website.

Ensure Hosting Server Has Enough Bandwidth For Website Size

If there is not enough bandwidth on the server the website is hosted, the loading speed will be decreased. Therefore, hosting with a reliable provider will reduce the risk of there being a bandwidth issue. If the website is too big for the hosting provided, or too many sites are hosted in the same space a shortage can occur. Often hosting companies should tell you if your bandwidth is inadequate, but sometimes they will not and discontinue your service. If you think there could be an issue with your hosting provider you should always be able to contact them and ask. When building a website, who you host with is an important consideration.

Home Page Layout Designs Warragul

Designing A Home Page Layout With SEO

You want your homepage to be where most of your customers land when searching for you. Therefore, your homepage needs to tell google and other search engines what your home page is about. When search engines analyse your homepage content it needs to be able to find the services and answers customers are looking for. Therefore, a website homepage must include written content that mentions the business services and answers common questions. Often home pages will have minimal to no writing. This means there is nothing for google bots to read and know what your website and business is all about. The more your website can tell customers and therefore google to help rank your website.

About your services, about your team and frequently asked questions are all good content to include on your website. It can be difficult to know how much and what information to include on your homepage. During our website consultation and through our keyword research we aim to identify relevant content to include to improve you homepage ranking.

Home Page Layout to Generate Leads:

The purpose of your website is to generate leads and increase conversions. It is important that your website directs customers to act and contact. The method of contact depends on the specific business. Either visiting in store, calling, email, or filling in a request the quote form. Regardless of the method your website should direct customers to do this.

There is a balance between spamming customers, and appearing ‘spamy’ and promoting customers to contact. Our Homepages are designed to generate leads by:

How to create a website Traralgon
  • Displaying essential information upon landing without scrolling
  • Contact details in header and footer
  • Location and phone number obvious
  • Telling customers to contact
  • Advertising services and what is good about the business clearly
  • Advertising any sales/ promotions obviously on the front page
  • Ensuring that as people scroll, they can see contact details or request a quote forms
  • Every page, not just home page and contact us page has essential information and method to contact

Talk to us today regarding designing your home page layout to capture and engage customers. With every web design we consult with you to balance your business look, customer experience, promoting customers to contact all in a well functioning website. Contact us for a website consultation regarding your business website design.

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