Help For Small Business in Gippsland

Help for Small Business Gippsland


Websites That Work understand there is significant uncertainty and hardship and wants to provide help for small business. Some businesses are having to redesign how they provide and deliver their services. Many businesses are having to consider transitioning to online. However, the transition to online can be scary for may small business owners. Therefore, we want to deliver a trusting service for building your website, to provide help for small business to transact in an online marketplace.

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How a Website can Help For Small Business During A Recession

A website can help for small business during a recession in multiple ways:

  • Increase number of customers that can find your services
  • Able to be searched for by customers seeking your customers
  • When leads are reduced during a recession, can help available leads to find and choose you
  • Customers can research, build trust in your brand and feel confident choosing you

During a recession, spending is decreased. Therefore, available leads are reduced and even more valuable. A website helps for small business to be able to generate their own leads and attract customers. Customers can review you, build trust in your brand and be persuaded to choose you.

What A Standard Website Build Includes for Small Business:

Prior to signing up to any website build, we have a one on one consultation regarding your business. We want to ensure your website reflects your business, vision and goals. We want to identify your main services, what makes you unique and the direction of your business. There has been significant change recently, and your profitable services and products may have altered. Through this consultation we can identify what is important for your website to promote now and after isolation.

Our aim for building websites is to generate leads. Therefore, we want to know what the main purpose of your website will be. Whether it is for customers to call, visit shop front, request an order form, or something else. We use a marketing design to motivate customers to act and contact.

During our website consultation we discuss our web design process and want to ensure that we are a right fit for you. The website consultation is obligation free and provides an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what you want from your website. Our aim is to provide help for small business, so want to ensure the website design will aid your business and reflect your vision and wants.

Identify The ‘Ideal Customer’:

Small Business SEO Morwell

During our initial consultation we want to gather information from you so we can perform thorough research prior to your website build. We want to identify who is your ideal customer, what makes them ideal and what they are looking for to find you. Your website should have a good user experience and provide people with the solution they are looking for, therefore we want to build the website with your customers in mind.

Market Research

All website builds involve extensive research into your marketplace, competition, customers and what are the search terms people are using to find your services. It is important to consider trends, and changes. People are buying more and more online due to isolation, it is important to identify how this is changing your marketplace.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and refers to how your website ranks for specific search terms in google or other search engines. Websites That Work is a web design company and SEO specialists. We combine elegant web designs, with a marketing approach whilst utilizing our SEO knowledge.

Website SEO Marketing

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and refers to how your website ranks for specific search terms in google or other search engines. Websites That Work is a web design company and SEO specialists. We combine elegant web designs, with a marketing approach whilst utilizing our SEO knowledge.

Help for Small Business to Transition Online

Due to the unpredictable isolation and shut down, businesses are needing to shift online. Online and websites can be foreign territory and unknown for many business owners. For many, old lead generating methods have always been enough until now. Covid 19 and the shutdown brings a lot of unknown, but we would like to try and make the shift easier. Leads and marketing are even more essential in this economic climate.We want to provide you with the best possible ranking website we can. So, with any website build and ongoing SEO contracts (for 6 months or greater) we will include our 30 Day SEO Bonus Plan free. Use Our Promo ‘Isolation’ For a Free 30 Day SEO Bonus Plan.

30 Day SEO Bonus Plan Free

5 articles posted to the blog page, one for each day

1 article posted a week for the following three weeks (3 extra posts)

5 internal links added within your website

5 citation links

Connect Social Media accounts to your website and ensure follow me options on website

1 X posting on Local Websites That Work website to promote brand.

After performing research into your niche and services we may suggest tailoring to this SEO plan specifically to what will aid your website best.

Websites do not rank instantly. It takes time for search engines to pick up websites and begin ranking them. How long and how well a website ranks depends on the service, niche and competition. What we can do is provide your website with the best possible set up. We want to ensure your website has the best possible boost in the first 30 days to help with these uncertain times. The 30 Day SEO Bonus Plan will be at no extra cost. The elements will be spread across the first 30 days, so the website looks updated and active. Talk to us today regarding your specific business so we can tailor the plan specifically to your needs.

Website Guarantee

We can never guarantee a website will rank on the first page of a search engine by a specific time. That is because no body can. Google do not release their formula and so no body can say with 100% guarantee. Although we do not know Google’s formula, we constantly analyse what has worked, trends, and different marketplaces to provide clients with the best results. How a website ranks will depend on the specific niche, location and competition. We guarantee that we will always provide honest estimations and never promise what we can not guarantee.

When building websites there are two methods that are know as ‘white hat’ or ‘black hat.’ ‘Black hat’ methods can cause a website to rank very well initially but do damage to the website in the long run. Often a website will have a very high ranking that will eventually plummet and be hidden by Google.  We seek lasting, genuine results for all our clients. For our clients with local businesses, relevant local customers seeking your services are more essential traffic to your website.  We guarantee that with all our website builds and ongoing SEO contracts we provide honest white hat services to ensure the best quality of website.

Technology and systems online change rapidly. As well with marketing and advertisement, techniques and methods need to be constantly tried and tested. We constantly review our plugins and websites system to ensure they are working as they should and are the best option. If we find a better plugin, system or approach we update for all our ongoing SEO clients.

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