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How to increase business Sales


Important Elements On How We Design Websites To Generate More Leads And Cash flow.

In the modern digital world, where everyone is glued to smartphones ad able to access websites instantly. Without an exciting and enticing websites, potential customers will bounce of and find other business.

Analysis of how people search for a product show when searching, individuals look at multiple services all at once. Therefore, it is important that it is your website that captures them, creates trusts and directs them to contact.

This is where we come in. We specialize in creating marketing web designs. We pair beautiful web designs that are built with SEO elements. The purpose of our web designs is to generate leads and calls or the business. With all our website builds we want to provide a return on investment by increasing both traffic and contact to a business.

3 Second Rule

From recent analysis on how people search for services the 5 second rule has been reduced to the 3 second rule. This means that within 3 seconds of a potential customer landing on your page you must capture them. In 3 seconds a customer needs to be able to see:

  • Who you are
  • What your services are
  • Why they should choose you
  • How to contact you
  • When to contact you (if relevant to the business type)

All this information needs to be able to be seen instantly, in a elegant design above the fold. Above the fold refers to the customer not needing to scroll, search or click to find information they require.

Good User Experience

People want an easy, pleasant experience when searching for your business and that is our focus. We design websites with your ideal customer in mind. People are drawn into a website when they are interested. We perform extensive research into what your ideal customer is looking for the find your services and choose the keywords to reflect this.

Happy faces and smiles present a warm feeling from your business and conveys a happy association with your product. Our web designs aim to entice customers and draw them in to see more. Ways we strive to provide good user experience for your customers:

Web designer Gippsland
  • A responsive website that works
  • Engaging beautiful design
  • Easy navigation to find what they are looking for
  • Clear information at quick look
  • Exciting Headlines
  • Engaging Pictures
  • Entertaining Media

Exciting Headlines:

Our SEO content writers assess what keywords draw people in to read more. Headlines are great at getting people to read more and not just good for newspapers. Headlines can have different purposes. Analyzing how people read and browse websites is important. Majority of people who do scroll through a website will just scan the article. Therefore, headlines that capture your business, what you do and promote you is essential. When it is important a potential customer reads the text and not just browses, headlines are important to draw people in.

Picture Layout:

People are drawn to pictures, especially pictures of people. We want to present how customers will feel when using your services and therefore strive to present a happy atmosphere. Eyes are drawn to images. Google reports have shown that individuals do not scroll. Above the fold is gold. Therefore, we want everything that the customer needs to see straight away in instant sight above the fold. Ways we try to encourage individuals to scrolls is by placing images on the scroll lines as people are enticed to look at the whole picture and drawn it to see. Our designs vary but this is one method we use.

Pictures can also direct people where to look. Different angles, or directions can subconsciously point individuals in a certain direction when they look. Testing images in different positions can test what is the most effective. As each business has different images, services and purpose this varies.


Videos can be fun and engaging depending if relevant to your business. There is a balance between enticing interest with videos and overusing videos and should be done in a moderated method. YouTube is owned by Google and therefore ranks YouTube videos. Videos through YouTube also generate an external link through your websites. Videos are subjective though and not suited for all business. Depending on your service, videos may not provide an added enticement to customers to stay. Websites That Work– work with you and learn about your services to identify what strategies would work the best for you.

Increase Traffic To Your Website

SEO, or search engine optimisation is a key element to our website build, rebuild and ongoing website servicing. It refers to have search engines rank your website. To increase your return of investment you need more access to customers and increased traffic. With only positive honest methods through SEO link generation and SEO content creation we strive to increase the ranking of your website for particular keywords so more customers find you.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Changes in preferences and expectations of consumers mainly guide changes in the approach of display advertising. To stay competitive, marketers must use a realistic and phone-first strategy.

For example, most forward-thinking online businesses have made a strategic move to shift to mobile websites. They knew that in 2018, desktop advertisement is expected to decline by 6% or more. About 87 million of internet users use a handheld device to access the internet regularly. So, choose A Mobile-First Strategy.

Digitally professional advertisers understand how important it is to model advertising with smaller mobile screens in mind. What looks good can’t on the desktop, not look that great on your mobile phone. Start creating multi-device designs and keep different dimensions in mind. Make sure that the content is flexible to fit any screen size without losing its charm. Some designs do not transfer as nicely to the smaller mobile phone screens. With our web designs we ensure the website looks and works great on all devices.

We always ensure that our web designs are formatted and tailored for multiple devices at the same time. We use modern marketing web design practices to understand the audience’s demands and use multiple devices to interact with them.

Marketing Web Designers

With backgrounds in marketing, small business, and business coaching, our designs focus on increasing customer action.

We use modern re-targeting and design strategies to make your small business more interesting and increase the user-engagement ratio. We also apply only the latest marketing strategies to make sure that your small business website offers great UI and UX experience for your users.

Gone are the old days of long and tedious advertisements. Ours is the era of fast, short, sweet, and captivating websites for positive on-site and off-site experience. These web design and SEO strategies get the job done in a matter of 3 seconds.

Contact us today to get an estimate for your small business, and get started with enjoying higher conversion rates, maximum user engagement, and more profit.

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