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Website Design

Websites That Work design websites in close consultation with all our clients. A website needs to reflect and promote the business to encourage customers to chose their services. All our website designs combine an attractive look, marketing design and SEO elements. 

SEO Specialists Gippsland

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation refers to  how search engines, such as google rank websites. Websites that rank higher are easier for customers to access and demonstrate high credibility in their field. Help your business been seen and attract more traffic with the help of our SEO consultants. 

Website Rebuild

Websites That Work provide an understanding service to identify what has not worked well in the past and how we can make this a stress-free, easy process for you. Talk to us about your website rebuild needs and for a website you can be proud of. 

Websites That Work's Focus:

Our Gippsland web designers build websites that focus on:

How to rank in your local area to ensure you reach relevant customers

What makes your business unique and why customers should choose you

Creating a simple eloquent design that directs customers to contact/ buy

Why Have a Website as a Small Business?

  • Aids your business to expand
  • Helps customers choose you over your competitors
  • A Website is an asset and can add ecconimic value to your business 
  • Increase contact to new customers not in your social network
  • Generates leads 
  • Websites can focus on specific areas you wish to expand within your business 

Websites for small business’s are essential as it allows a business to epand, reach a broader range of customers and provide ease for customers to contact you. When building a website for a small business it is esential to have a focus on local SEO and have a thorough understanding of the area. As web designers from Gippsland we specialise in local SEO and creating beautiful websites.

SEO consultants Gippsland

Websites That Work Design Difference:

  • Caring web designers and SEO consultants
  • Consultation prior to each design to fully understand your business goals, wants and difference
  • Strong focus on marketing and increasing specific business outcomes
  • Experts in local SEO based in Gippsland
  • Offer website design, build, rebuild and ongoing SEO

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Small Business Website Design:

A small business website design needs to focus on attracting relevant customers and engaging them to contact or buy. Our website designs focus on making it easy for appropriate customers to contact you. Customers should be able to know straight away who you are, what your business provides and how to contact or buy.

Websites That Work’s small business website designs make it clear and easy for customers, so they stay on the website and contact that business. Our goal is to combine beautiful websites with a clear focus that uses our marketing knowledge to increase conversions.

Why Small Businesses Need A Website:

Small businesses need a website to help attract local customers, generate leads and increase conversions. As a local website designers we provide websites to businesses of all sizes. Websites That Work cater to both large and small business. For small business a website is of even greater importance so local customers can find and access your services.

A survey performed by Telstra in 2018 found that 62% of customers won’t consider a business without a website.  That is more than half of potential customers wont even consider your business. Although, 50% of small business still do not have a website! Make your business more accessible to customers and talk to us about getting your website started.

Websites That Work are web designers that care for small business, work with you to uphold your website vision and want to help create your online presence to expand your business.

Local SEO Specialits:

We are Local SEO Specialists with a focus on ranking Gippsland business websites for their geographic location, to increase access to relevant customers. It is important that relevant customers find your services and tailoring that to the geographic location you service.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) relates to the website ranking in search Engines such as google. The higher the SEO ranking, the higher the website appears in the search engine listing. To rank on page one for a particular keyword in a search engine is prime marketing real-estate for advertising to customers.

Local SEO Services for Gippsland Businesses 

Local SEO services help a website for Gippsland business to rank well for their local town, shire and within Gippsland, so it can be found by relevant customers. For a local business it is important to rank well on search engines for both the service you provide and your area.

In consultation with you, we seek to identify your ideal customers. It is important your websites answers the questions your ideal customer is searching for so they choose your service. With each website build and ongoing SEO services we provide extensive research into your customers, services, competitors, niche and common search phrases to increase your outcomes and conversions. As local SEO Specialists it helps that we are local to the Gippsland region when implementing local SEO.

As part of providing SEO Services we research and implement keywords into your website design to boost search engine ranking for your local area. We use our knowledge of SEO and your area, to build a responsive website that works. For Gippsland area, choose a web designer who is local and knowledgeable of the area your customers live in.

Websites That Work Location:

We are web designers situated in Gippsland. We service all parts of Gippsland from East Gippsland to Bass Coast

As local website builders we know Gippsland area and can relate to your customers. We are specialists in local SEO and creating websites for small business.

Web Design Gippsland

Gippsland Towns We Service:


Warragul Sale Churchill Morwell Wonthaggi
Drouin Bairnsdale Inverloch Moe Trafalgar
Yarragon Traralagan Phillip Island Maffra Orbost

And any Gippsland town inbetween…

Websites That Work Design Process:

Website Consultation

Prior to any website build Websites That work perform a no obligation consultation to discuss your website needs. A website provides an online presence for your business and needs to reflect your goals and vision. During our consultation we learn as much as possible regarding your business, specialties, goals and what you want from a website. Your website needs to show customers why they should choose you. 


Following on from our consultation, each website build involves extensive research into your ideal customers, what they search to find you and your competition. Prior to commencing any build we extensively research to know what is working well within your niche. We identify ideal key words to use within your website to stand out to search engines. Every website build includes extensive research into your niche, services, competition, ideal customers and keywords. 

Website Build

When building your website our focus is to combine your business vision with what your ideal customers are seeking, to create a website you love! We use a marketing approach so it is clear for customers to access your products and services. Our design focuses on providing a ‘good user experience’ so customers find your services and dynamic website and feel at ease, wanting to contact you. 

Ongoing SEO

To ensure your website remains relevant, functioning to highest standard, and continuing to rank we offer ongoing SEO services in Gippsland. With our SEO services we provide continual research on what customers are searching, feedback and analytics on the performance of your website. Websites That Work tailor each ongoing SEO service for every business, so it is relevant to what will aid your business. Different businesses requiring varrying levels of onging SEO and we design our packages to reflect that. 

Small Business Website Build

We build websites of all sizes for business’s of varying budgets and needs. Without a website, small businesses are being left behind. A website can help a small business access more leads to increase sales. Prior to any website build or quote we have a no obligation consultation to ensure our website design is the best for you.  Call us today to see how a website can boost your business. 

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Websites That Work specialise in ranking websites for their local area. We are locals to Gippsland and work with local business in Gippsland towns. Local SEO helps a Gippsland business access relevant customers. Our SEO packages are tailored to each business needs, budget and niches, depending on what would most benefit that business. 

About Us

We are a father and daughter website design and SEO team in Gippsland. Committed to providing an honest and caring service, we consult closely with all our clients. With backgrounds in small business, marketing and customer care we combine our knowledge to provide brilliant websites for local Gippsland businesses. We are passionate about our local community and have always called Gippsland home.  

Frequently Asked Website Questions: 

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO refers to how a website ranks in search engines such as Google. The first page of Google is considered prime online real-estate as it allows for the greatest range of customers to find your business. 

Organic SEO

Organic SEO refers to how search engines rank your website without paid adds. A website that ranks without paid advertisement demonstrates a high level of authority for that specific searched term. There are multiple methods off on page and off page SEO that can be performed to organically boost your website’s ranking. Websites That Work offer multiple SEO packages that include both on and off page SEO to increase the ranking of your website. 

I Have A Social Media Account, Do I Need A Website?

A social media account is a great addition to a website but should not replace a website. A social media account enables you to find leads within your social circles but limits reaching customers beyond this. 

Google does not rank Facebook accounts by search terms and keywords. It is easier for your website to rank and customers to find you when searching for your services with a website. 

You also own your website and it is an assest to your business. A business Facebook account is still owned by Facebook and easily affected by Facebook legislation changes.  

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

Websites That Work provide affordable websites for both large and small business.  The cost of  a website depends on the size, type and requirements of the website. Our website prices vary and are dependent on the specific website needs.

We also offer ongoing SEO to maintain and promote your website. Depending on the package chosen alters the monthly cost. Find out more about our website design and SEO services or contact us or call 0406829365 so we can happily discuss a website quote with you. 

Why Have Regular SEO?

Regular search engine optimisation (SEO) helps a website to rank higher in search engines. Regular SEO helps your brand to reach more people and generate increased leads.

There are on page and off page methods of Search Engine Optimisation. To rank on a front page without paid advertisement is to rank organically. To rank organically shows a high level of authority and knowledge in your business and helps customers to find you.  

Ongoing SEO Services With Websites That Work

Websites That Work offer ongoing search engine optimisation. We provide different SEO packages based on the needs of the specific business. Our SEO packages ensures the hosting of your website is maintained, website updated, working and live with recommended plugins functioning. We also perform both on page and off page updates to your website to increase the search engine optimisation of your website monthly. Our SEO packages also include analytics and reports regarding your website.

We hold ourselves accountable as we truly care about your business and website. We feedback to you each month with reports so you know what is being done as apart of your package.

Do Websites That Work Redesign Websites?

Yes Websites That Work also redesign existing websites. With each of our website builds and redesigns we work closely with you to know your wants and vision for the website. We take time and effort to  learn about your business, goals and why customers should choose you so your website can reflect this.

Unfortunately, not all web designers create a website that continues to work how you want it to. It can be frustrating, timely and costly to have a website that does not work as it should.

We understand the apprehension a website rebuild can cause, so we consult closely with you to try and create as easy as process as possible that provides you with a website you can be proud of.

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